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Book Review: Getting Risk Right by Geoffrey C. Kabat

Getting Risk Right


There are a lot of things to worry about when it comes to your health. If you believe the Internet and television, everything causes cancer.  Of course, everything might cure cancer as well. It's almost impossible to sort it all out.

That's why Geoffrey Kabat's new book "Getting Risk Right" is so interesting. It actually explains something that we frequently overlook. We always ask, "Is something dangerous?" not "How dangerous is it?"

Kabat tries to explain that important but often overlooked distinction. After a brief introduction, he leads us through four case studies. Why do people think cell phones cause brain cancer? Is BPA dangerous? How did the HPV vaccine come about? How dangerous are certain herbal products?

The answers may surprise you. Kabat shows that some risks have been well studied and are the product of solid scientific research spanning many years. But others are based on very shaky science.  And yet, even despite solid evidence many health risks become mainstream fears, stoked by misunderstandings and an under appreciation of how complicated and nuanced scientific studies truly are.

Once you read this book, you will understand an important aspect of science research and life overall. Some risks are simply not worth worrying about.

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