Cracked Science Season 2.0 | The Body of Evidence

Cracked Science Season 2.0


We'll be releasing a very special interview about food and about changing your mind in a couple of days, just before Christmas. But before we do, I thought I'd throw in a reminder that Cracked Science exists! My biweekly video series for the McGill Office for Science and Society just wrapped up the first half of its second season. It'll resume in January. In the meantime, check out the following videos if the titles pique your curiosity. And if you like the series, make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel!

18 - The Goop Medicine Show

19 - Conspiracy Theories and How to Break Free

20 - Major Media Company Behind "Doobieous" Cannabis Reporting

21 - The Scienceploitation of Stem Cells

22 - "Malearkey" for Men's Wellness

23 - The One True Cause of Every Disease Revealed

24 - The New World of Epigenetics

Merry Christmas!