Symposium! Now! | The Body of Evidence

Symposium! Now!

The quickest of reminders: if you are in Montreal right now, you will not want to miss these free science events!

Tuesday, at noon, at Centre Mont-Royal (corner of Mansfield and Sherbrooke), we will be hosting a live version of The Body of Evidence with guests Dr. Paul Offit, Dr. Kevin Folta, and Dr. Geoffrey Kabat. Everything you love about the podcast but in the flesh! Well, most of it in the flesh... and clothed flesh, at that. We have standards.

Monday at 1:30, McGill Faculty Club on McTavish, Dr. Labos will be part of a roundtable discussion with above guests, Dr. Joe Schwarcz, local journalists, and an astronaut to talk about evidence in science.

Finally, Monday and Tuesday, 5:30PM, at the Centre Mont-Royal, it's the Trottier Public Science Symposium. We'll be in attendance!

Come say "hi"! Shake our hands! Tell us how we've impacted your lives! Share tzatziki recipes with Chris! It's all good!