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Apr 9, 2019

An ill-timed surprise spells heart trouble for our favourite cardiologist. But what exactly is a heart attack, and how does it relate to strokes and angina? Do you need a stress test? What are the warning signs of a heart attack? Is stress a trigger? And what do you do if your friend complains of chest pain, short of filming it for the ‘gram? Also: eggs are no longer sunny side up in the media, but it’s all due to deeply flawed data collection; the results of a local investigation into poop pills (will make sense); and the first winner of our raffle!


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Vox pop by Jacob Meza of the So It Is Told podcast.


Jingle by Joseph Hackl.


Additional music by Seth Donnelly and Kevin MacLeod. This episode also featured “Are You in Heaven” by Lobo Loco.


Theme music: "Troll of the Mountain Swing" by the Underscore Orkestra.


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Differences between men and women in the symptoms of heart attacks:


Emotional triggers of a heart attack:


Natural disaster triggers of a heart attack:


Can the World Cup trigger heart attacks? Carroll D, Ebrahim S, Tilling K, Macleod J, Smith GD. Admissions for myocardial infarction and World Cup football: database survey. BMJ. 2002;325:1439–1442.