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Feb 7, 2021

Changing lifestyle habits: advertising, taxes, behavioural counselling, incentives, text messages, apps, scared straight, genetic information, city design // Delaying the second COVID-19 vaccine dose // COVID-19 update: colchicine, rapid tests, children and variants.


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* Assistant researcher: Nicholas Koziris


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1) Food marketing to children:


2) Generalizable and robust TV advertising effects:,,


3) American Heart Association’s 7 ideal lifestyle factors:


4) Cigarette taxes:


5) Cigarette tax in Colombia:


6) Cigarette tax in China:


7) Cigarette tax in Lebanon:


8) Cigarette tax in Korea:


9) Sugar tax in Philadelphia:


10) Sugar tax in Spain:


11) Cochrane review on smoking cessation:


12) Review of smoking cessation apps:


13) Cochrane review on encouraging exercise:


14) Implementing sidewalks:


15) The walking school bus:


16) Impact of new bike lanes:


17) Recess in elementary school:


18) Gym class:


19) Chris’ Montreal Gazette article on delaying the second vaccine dose:


20) Annals of Internal Medicine modelling study on alternative dose allocation strategies:


21) McGill OSS live stream with Dr. Don Sheppard:


22) Report from Israel about effectiveness of one dose:


23) BBC article about Israel vaccine fears ‘out of context and inaccurate’:


24) Press release for colchicine trial:


25) Pre-print manuscript for colchicine trial:


26) Spartan Bioscience says Health Canada approves rapid COVID-19 test:



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