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May 9, 2021

Menopause: definition, early menopause, hot flashes, gabapentin, clonidine, CBT, mindfulness, exercising, phytoestrogens, black cohosh, acupuncture, and hormone replacement therapy // Magic mushrooms versus antidepressants // A rant about merchants of doubt


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1) Age at menopause:


2) Age at menopause:


3) Ethnicity as a predictor of menopause:


4) Ethnicity as a predictor of menopause:


5) Complementary therapies for menopause:


6) Complementary therapies for menopause:


7) Non-hormonal treatment for hot flashes:


8) Cochrane review of phytoestrogens:


9) Cochrane review of black cohosh:


10) Cochrane review of acupuncture:


11) Women’s Health Initiative study:


12) New trial comparing psilocybin to escitalopram for depression:


13) Jonathan’s video about the psychedelic renaissance:


14) Our episode on nootropics:


15) Our episode on antidepressants:




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