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Apr 21, 2019

Jonathan and Chris interview Brian Nosek, a professor of psychology and the co-founder and director of the Center for Open Science. They discuss problems and solutions in modern scientific research, such as committing scientists… to stick to a protocol. 


Table of contents.

2:00 The culture of science. 

4:18 Publications as currency for career advancement. 

7:53 What researchers tell each other at the bar. 

10:22 Cynicism. 

12:48 The solution to climate change (not really). 

18:24 The paper is advertising for the research. 

22:16 Weaknesses of the peer review process. 

23:58 One data set, many scientists, different conclusions. 

27:29 Resistance to sharing. 

29:52 The road to the Center for Open Science. 

37:49 Signs of success. 

44:10 The generational gap in openness. 

46:55 Registered reports. 




The Center for Open Science website:

Project Implicit:

For scientists, the Open Science Framework:


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