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Oct 21, 2019

Chris and Jonathan speak to Anne Borden, Amanda Seigler, and Melissa Eaton who are campaigning against phony autism cures.


0:55 Alternative treatments for autism and why they exist

3:28 Going undercover on Facebook

5:00 MMS or the bleach cure

11:00 The pushback against activism

12:31 How social media companies have responded

14:10 Chelation therapy

23:45 Pro-science celebrities

26:00 Special diets

27:40 The medical community and applied behaviour analysis (ABA)

34:24 Humane interventions for autism


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1) Autistic Self Advocacy Network:

2) Foundations for Divergent Minds:

3) Autistic Inclusive on Facebook:



1) Melissa Eaton on Facebook:

2) Amanda Seigler on Facebook:

3) Anne Borden on Twitter:

4) Anne’s podcast: