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May 23, 2021

Jonathan and Chris delve into the world of newborns and medical care for children with Dr. Clay Jones, a paediatrician who practices in Massachusetts and who regularly writes for the Science-Based Medicine blog. From preventing SIDS to treating a fever (or not), we go through our listeners’ questions. In a week, our patrons will get a bonus episode with more from Clay!


2:04 COVID-19 vaccines in kids

6:27 “I’m not anti-vaccine but…” says Texas paediatrician

12:17 Chiropractic in children and babies

20:07 Best temperature for newborns (in Fahrenheit!)

22:36 Are diapers bad for the baby?

25:25 Safe sleeping

30:00 What predisposes to SIDS?

32:16 Do newborns dream? (An Inception on Elm Street)

37:37 Baby slings and hip dysplasia

42:57 Long-term outcome of very premature babies

45:44 Apgar scores (to get into daycare)

48:28 Fever

51:49 Teething

54:44 Recurring infections in kindergarten

57:16 RyRy’s impossible question



* Theme music: “Fall of the Ocean Queen“ by Joseph Hackl.


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1) Clay Jones at Science-Based Medicine:

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