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Jul 18, 2021

Jonathan and Chris speak to Dr. Lindsay Duncan, a kinesiologist and co-director of the Theories and Interventions in Exercise and Health Psychology laboratory at McGill University. In light of the upcoming Summer Olympics, what are banned substances and why are they banned? How common is supplement use among athletes? And do superhero movies—with actors undergoing dramatic body transformations in a short amount of time—alter expectations in the gym?


1:45 Why are some competitive advantages allowed but not others?

5:17 The next frontier: gene editing

6:43 Banned substances cleared for medical use

11:29 Common performance-enhancing drugs

13:51 THC and alcohol

18:49 The possibility of accidental exposure

20:37 Protecting athletes from harm

26:09 Supplement use is incredibly common

29:04 The superhero physique

33:33 Celebrity trainers

36:48 Sleep and rest

40:25 Athletes’ use of social media

41:46 Preventing drug use in young athletes

44:22 Stripping away hype without affecting motivation


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