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Sep 5, 2023

Is there a mysterious neurological syndrome harming the people of New Brunswick? And is the Government of New Brunswick suppressing the truth so as not to upset commercial interests? That is certainly the story strongly hinted at by the Canadaland podcast, which has featured a New Brunswick neurologist who now claims to have identified over 200 cases of this strange new sickness.

Jonathan and Chris are joined in their discussion of this story by Aigul Zaripova, a medical student who collaborates with them on the podcast. Together, they will unpack the official timeline of events and their thoughts on how diseases present in patients, and Jonathan will put forward an important hypothesis that seems to have been ignored by those pushing a conspiracy theory.

(2:55) The official timeline of events

(7:50) Chris’ initial thoughts

(14:07) Aigul’s initial thoughts

(16:18) The appeal of special diagnoses

(19:03) Canadaland’s coverage of this alleged syndrome

(22:34) Conspiracy theories and the demonization of glyphosate

(28:45) The last neurologist standing

(32:16) Jonathan’s theory

(38:28) Dr. Marrero vs. the government

(46:54) Concluding remarks


* Theme music: “Fall of the Ocean Queen“ by Joseph Hackl.

* Assistant researcher: Aigul Zaripova

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1) The Government of New Brunswick’s official timeline:

2) Final report on the situation:

3) Canadaland #746: Is New Brunswick Covering Up a Deadly Brain Disease?

4) Canadaland #808: Is New Brunswick Covering Up a Deadly Brain Disease? Revisit.

5) Canadaland #894: Mystery Brain Disease Cases Quadruple, Says New Brunswick Doctor.