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Feb 8, 2018

Chris’ goodwill to help out a young couple on Valentine’s Day backfires, which leads him and Jonathan to talk about contraception. What is the most effective form of birth control, and how come there’s no pill… for men? One thing’s for certain: McGill students are going to have a lot of unplanned babies if the vox pop is any indication! Also: can science really tell you how compatible you and your lover are?; Britt Marie Hermes, ex-naturopath and prominent skeptic, needs your help; and we tear into the pilot episode of FOX’s new medical drama, The Resident. You’ll learn about central lines, the diver’s reflex, and how to precipitate catastrophic blindness.


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Vox pop by Ada McVean of the McGill Office for Science and Society.


Jingle by Jillian Kate.


Additional music by Seth Donnelly and Kevin MacLeod.


Theme music: "Troll of the Mountain Swing" by the Underscore Orkestra.


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