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Dec 6, 2022

What does the body of evidence say on the topic of gun control? Plus: we address why more and more children are accidentally getting poisoned with cannabis, and we wonder if a vaccine against RSV might be around the corner!

Warning: discussions of suicide in the first half. If you need help, please reach out:


Block 1:

(2:42) Gun control: gun deaths, where the data comes from, violent crime vs. suicide


Block 2:

(11:47) Gun control: the Canadian situation, rising rates of gun crimes, accidental gun deaths, research into gun violence, quality of the evidence for specific policies


Block 3:

(26:27) Unintentional cannabis poisonings in children


Block 4:

(36:49) RSV vaccines



* Jingle by Jillian Correia of Roctavio Canada

* Theme music: “Fall of the Ocean Queen“ by Joseph Hackl.

* Assistant researcher: Nicholas Koziris


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Time machine:


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