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Feb 9, 2023

What does the body of evidence say on the topic of healthcare-acquired infections? Plus: CBD is put on trial to see how well it does against the symptoms of advanced cancer, and the world’s elites reveal their most damning secret: they don’t think COVID is just a bad cold.


Block 1:

(2:02) Nosocomial infections: what they are, difference from iatrogenic infections, what the US did to reduce them, types of infections


Block 2:

(9:51) Nosocomial infections: hand hygiene, disposable equipment, single-patient rooms, bed cleaning, ventilation, antibiotic-resistant bacteria (MRSA, VRE), decolonization protocols, C. difficile, #DeathToAllSinks, UV light, copper


Block 3:

(32:13) Clinical trial of cannabidiol against placebo for the symptoms of advanced cancer [We briefly mention the Hawthorne effect. It turns out to be a phrase we probably shouldn’t use. See here.]


Block 4:

(42:13) Davos’ COVID measures


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1) Chris’ proof that you can, in fact, live a perfectly normal life after donating a kidney:


2) Nosocomial infections are particularly prevalent in ICUs:


3) Medicare no longer pays for hospital-acquired infections:


4) Hospital-wide hand hygiene programs do work to reduce hospital infections:


5) Washing hands properly for 30 seconds is necessary to kill bacteria like VRE:


6) The REACH study found that hospitals implementing a new cleaning bundle reduced VRE but not C. difficile infections:


7) MRSA decolonization with chlorhexidine baths does reduce infections in the ICU:



8) Basic infection control measures do work for C. difficile as well, even if regular alcohol disinfectants do not:


9) Ultraviolet light can also be used as an adjunctive disinfection agent:


10) UV-C light can also be caused to clean the air as a COVID mitigation strategy:


11) Sinks as a source of outbreaks:


12) Scott Gavura’s Science-Based Medicine article:


13) The clinical trial on CBD for advanced cancer symptoms:


14) World Economic Forum’s Guidance on Health Measures:


15) “Billionaires at Davos Don’t Think COVID Is a Cold:”


16) “The Last Holdouts:”


17) What Bonnie Henry said about masking:


18) Gregg Gonsalves’ article in The Nation:



It’s Not Twitter, But It’ll Do:


1) Jonathan talking about so-called complementary and alternative medicine on the Yoga Meets Movement Science podcast:


2) Jonathan’s article on the low-oxalate diet:


3) Death Panel podcast, “COVID Year Three:”


4) Chris’ Gazette article about Canada’s new alcohol guidelines:


5) Chris on CTV talking about alcohol:


Time Machine:


1) Our episode on fibromyalgia:


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