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May 24, 2020

Chris and Jonathan speak to Brooke Binkowski, journalist and managing editor for Truth or Fiction, about social media’s misinformation problem and why we need more journalists to figure out what’s real from what’s fake. This interview contains more political opinions than the rest of our show because of the subject matter.


0:38 Brooke gets hoisted by her own petard

3:21 Social media became a source of news

4:02 The danger posed by Alex Jones

6:26 Two points of view on Plandemic

14:00 Collaborating with Facebook on fact checking

27:23 The radicalization coalition

34:40 Social media’s influence on newsrooms

38:33 Brooke’s dream of reparations

41:49 Free speech on the Internet

45:19 How to solve the fact-checking problem

50:40 The magical power of journalism

54:10 The soft science hard sell

57:18 On finding credible sources

1:02:09 “Get it back!” But how?


* Theme music: "Troll of the Mountain Swing" by the Underscore Orkestra.


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4) Where that SWAT team Plandemic footage came from:

5) Study on the anti-vaccine movement on Facebook: