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When it comes to health and medicine, there are so many decisions to make and so much misinformation out there. Dr. Christopher Labos and Jonathan Jarry look at the body of evidence on these topics to tell you what’s solid, what’s iffy… and what’s crapola. The jingles, comedy, and bickering help the medicine go down.

If you have a question you would like answered or a topic broached on the podcast, email it to us as, our official email address. Please note that the Body of Evidence is not (and has never been) affiliated with the McGill Office for Science and Society and is a production of 12540851 Canada Inc.

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Your hosts:

Dr. Christopher Labos is a cardiologist with a Master's degree in epidemiology. He spends most of his time doing things that he doesn’t get paid for, like doing research, teaching, and podcasting. Occasionally, he finds time to practice as a cardiologist so he can pay his rent. He realizes that half of his research findings will be disproved in five years: he just doesn’t know which half. He is a regular contributor for the Montreal Gazette and frequently appears on CJAD radio, CTV News, and the CBC. To date, no one has recognized him on the street. You can find him on Twitter at @DrLabos.

Jonathan Jarry is a science communicator with the McGill Office for Science and Society, dedicated to separating sense from nonsense on the scientific stage. He brings his experience in cancer research, human genetics, rehabilitation research, and forensic biology to the work he does for the public. He was the creator, writer, and host of the YouTube show Cracked Science, which used a late-night deep-dive format to debunk pseudoscience and denounce bad science. He gets to be quoted by journalists quite frequently. His work is collected at You can find him on Twitter at @CrackedScience.


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The Body of Evidence is made with Canadian pride in Montreal. It wouldn’t be possible without these amazing people:

Joseph Hackl, brilliant singer-songwriter-musician. You can enjoy his music at He wrote our new theme music!

Jillian Correia, yet another astounding singer-songwriter-musician. You can enjoy her music on YouTube.

Luc Ouellet, a ridiculously talented illustrator who does our science cartoons.

Nicholas Koziris, a med student who acts as a third pair of eyes on some of our stuff.

Theme music for the podcast is "Fall of the Ocean Queen" by Joseph Hackl.