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Mar 8, 2020

Arthritis: what it is; osteoarthritis vs. inflammatory arthritis; rheumatism; the risks and benefits of treatments // biosimilars, the “generic drugs” of biologics // Q&A: Chris’ qualms about omega-3 supplements for your heart // The Health Canada Ministry of Truth // Natural products claiming to cure cancer


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1) Cochrane review on exercise for arthritis:


2) Aquatic exercise and arthritis:


3) Weight loss and arthritis improvement:


4) Tylenol meta-analyses:


5) Review on topical NSAIDs:


6) Capsaicin as a treatment for chronic pain:


7) Corticosteroids injections:


8) Knee braces and orthotics:


9) Duloxetien for knee pain:


10) Glucosamine and chondroitin:


11) Trials fo knee surgery for arthritis:


12) The omega-3 for cardiovascular disease meta-analysis:


13) The CTV report on homeopathy:


14) Bad Science Watch report on natural health products and cancer claims:



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