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Jun 7, 2020

Infertility: why we’re having fewer babies, sperm counts, myths and facts, the blame game, and infertility treatments // RNA vaccines // COVID-19 mega-update: convalescent plasma, chloroquine, remdesivir, blood vessel disease hypothesis, children with Kawasaki-like complication, antibody tests, and face shields.


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1) Prevalence of infertility according to the CDC:


2) Age and female fertility:


3) Causes of infertility:


4) Declining sperm counts:


5) Boxers versus briefs:


6) Laptops and sperm counts:


7) Stress and infertility:


8) Zinc for infertility:


9) Success rates of IVF:


10) Add-on therapies for IVF:


11) Convalescent plasma randomized trial:


12) The on-going Canadian trial for convalescent plasma against COVID-19:


13) The Guardian investigation into the Surgisphere chloroquine paper:


14) The latest preliminary report on remdesivir:


15) The Elemental blog post on the blood disease hypothesis:


16) The Lancet’s review and meta-analysis of face shields for SARS and MERS:



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