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Oct 18, 2022

Jonathan and Chris speak to Nick Tiller, PhD, a physiologist interested in exercising and the marketing hype that often surrounds the topic. They discuss the few supplements that can improve your workouts, as well as the gadgets that probably won’t. Bookending their conversation is the important question: what is the best exercise?


2:35 Common misunderstandings around exercising

4:43 Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)

11:28 Creatine supplements

13:49 Caffeine

14:50 Glucose supplements and sports drinks

18:31 Protein intake

21:08 Beta-alanine supplements

22:34 Kinesio tape, aka placebo tape

28:09 Placebos and sports performance

33:10 Cristiano Ronaldo’s brand deals

40:13 Methylene blue

43:22 Ultramarathons: are they good for you?

51:34 What is the best type of exercise?


* Theme music: “Fall of the Ocean Queen“ by Joseph Hackl.


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1) Nick Tiller on Twitter:

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