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Jul 21, 2019

Jonathan and Chris interview Ryan Armstrong, the executive director of Bad Science Watch, a consumer protection watchdog and science advocacy organization. They discuss what Bad Science Watch does; the lobbying forces surrounding Health Canada; homeopathy; the antagonist in Braveheart; the Stop Nosodes campaign; vaccine misinformation on social media; chiropractic complaints not taken seriously; innate intelligence; predatory practice building; how to lodge a complaint, the Ryan way; internecine squabbles between vitalists and evidence-based chiropractors; osteopaths and podiatrists; chiropractors and physical therapists; should pseudomedical practitioners have an order; Ryan’s dream of a national science agency; and Chris’ controversial question.




Bad Science Watch’s website:

Ryan Armstrong on Twitter:

Ryan changes his mind regarding the self-regulation of the chiropractic profession:

Stop Nosodes:


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