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Jul 4, 2021

What does the body of evidence have to say on the topic of fibromyalgia? Plus: assorted topical discussions about mixing COVID vaccines, the tiny/maybe/it’s nothing increased risk of myocarditis and pericarditis with the RNA vaccines, and long-term immunity following COVID vaccination.


Block 1:

Fibromyalgia: what could be causing it? (3:00)


Block 2:

Fibromyalgia: diagnosing and treating it (10:02)


Block 3:

Mixing and matching COVID vaccines (28:20)


Block 4:

Myocarditis and pericarditis with the RNA vaccines (38:40)

Long-term immunity from COVID vaccines (51:35)


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1) Prevalence of fibromyalgia:


2) Diagnostic criteria for fibromyalgia:


3) Misdiagnosis of fibromyalgia, comparing physicians to criteria-based diagnosis:


4) FM/a blood test for fibromyalgia (Science-Based Medicine post):


5) FM/a blood test for fibromyalgia (AAFP article):


6) Economic benefits after receiving a fibromyalgia diagnosis: and


7) Exercise for fibromyalgia:


8) UK preprint on mixing and matching COVID vaccines (Com-COV trial):


9) Ed Yong’s article on how the immune system is where intuition goes to die:


10) Nature paper on long-term immunity after receiving a COVID vaccine: